Patch Notes v1.05

There have been a few changes in Squishu! Here are all the differences.

  • Plip has been given more fiber in her muffins, making her more solid. She will no longer ooze into the ground when she's hurt by a Pbthantom in the ground. Hopefully.
  • Skwit Skwot, God Emperor, has waxed her walls with a new solution. It should prevent squidlits from oozing into the walls in her labratory's cauldron room. She doesn't like how that looks.
  • It was discovered that strange magical powers were left in the ink rain while words moved through the sky. These weird powers have been safely contained and removed. (Developer tools were accidentally left in)
  • Skwit Skwot has reduced the amount of coffee in the recipe for oomunculi, causing them to spazz-out less.
  • Plip has been taught how to properly interact with a crystal ball. I wonder what one could learn from it?
  • Linnaeus, the ooblug within the library, will now give you a book counter if you talk to him deeper in rather than only near the entrance.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more Squishu-themed announcements!

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